Hi! I'm Julia, the owner of Verdant PGH.

Bread is my passion: I love the depth of flavor, the satisfying crunch of the crust, and the delectably moist interior. I used to spend my days working in the tech industry, with nights and weekends spent in the kitchen experimenting with sourdough bread and hearing its freshly-baked crackle song. Recently, I decided to take the plunge and pursue bread (+ other delicious food) full time, right here in Pittsburgh.

So why Verdant? In my experience, life is better when surrounded by the abundance of nature, whether it comes in the form of farmer's market produce, flowers in bloom, or a hike in Frick Park. "Verdant" means "green and lush," and I bring this philosophy to the food I create.

Meal by meal, bite by bite, we are truly what we eat, and I believe that extraordinary food can help us live healthier lives, feel gratitude for what we’ve been given, and build a sense of community. For me, this means using local and organic produce when available, cooking vegetarian, and making things fresh and in small batches. I look forward to sharing our food with you.

With love from my kitchen,